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Whether you know it or not, everyone needs a mentor. They’re an essential part of personal growth.

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We’ve developed a unique mentorship program that tailors to each individual perfectly to help support their goals and unlock aspects of themselves that are yet undiscovered.

“I take deep pride in my mentees. Ensuring that I can maximise their success to reach their goals is my main priority.”

Jess H.

Senior Mentor • Vice President at Facebook

Our mentors work at

“With my mentor’s advice, I aced the interview and secured my grad job. I’ve received such invaluable guidance . . . so thankful.”

Omar A.

Graduate Employee at Apple

“I didn’t realise how much I was missing out on by not having a mentor. My whole perspective has shifted dramatically, my goals are falling into place.”

Sophie C.

Student at Oxford University

Our most frequently asked questions

Why do I even need a mentor?2020-12-20T09:03:01+00:00

We strongly feel that mentorships are a crucial part of personal and professional growth that almost all university students forgo. When at university, the criticality of the decisions you make and the first steps you take on your career are vitally important and can define the rest of your working life.

We bracket the benefits of mentorship into four key areas:

  1. Impartial advice: Your mentor can provide expert advice and guide your next steps with clarity and conviction, they have years of experience, are not motivated by any external agenda and genuinely want the best for you. From small decisions to major life-changing choices, having an independent ear to talk to is incredibly powerful.
  2. Industry insight: Get key insights from people actually working in the industry you’re interested in. Our mentors have years of industry experience and can highlight the inner workings of some of the most intricately structured companies.
  3. Networking leverage: All our mentors are extremely well connected from both within their firm but also within their industry. Your mentor can often make the relevant introductions or suggest the right people to contact, helping you skip all the middlemen and go straight to the decision-makers.
  4. Experience with pretty much everything in life: Interviews, cover letters, career planning, dissertation help, goal setting, salary negotiation, mastering rapport, character building, and so much more – your mentor has seen and done it all.
How much does it cost?2020-12-20T09:03:31+00:00

Mentorflow is completely free for university students. It includes free access to all of the following services:

  • Mentorship: 45min monthly session with your mentor (1:1)
  • Training: 60min monthly skills workshop (webinar)
  • CV Checks: x2 monthly professional CV checks
  • Application Checks: 1x monthly professional cover letter check
  • Guides: Personalised guides, tools and templates
  • Free Goodies: Free t-shirts and entry into monthly prize-draw
Why do you not charge?2020-12-20T08:56:51+00:00

As a non-profit organisation, we are generously funded by private donors who help cover our operational costs. The companies we work with often provide a donation and also pay an enrolment fee for every mentor that we onboard from their company. As a result, we’re able to offer services completely free to students. We reinvest 100% of surplus funds back into Mentorflow fuelling growth and outreach, this ensures that we can continue to serve as many university students as possible. If you would like to make a donation or would consider supporting us as a Patron, please contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

How do I sign up to receive a mentor?2020-12-20T08:57:03+00:00

Fill out the onboarding form at the bottom of this page, providing your email and LinkedIn profile. We’ll then send you a link to complete a full application that we use to assess your profile suitability to our platform requirements.

We take a highly specialised approach to your mentoring, tailoring each program specifically to your independent needs and requirements. Our framework gears you towards success. We select the most suitable match for your needs from our small pool of elite mentors. You can then schedule regular monthly Zoom sessions at a time that suits you, as well as access all the other perks that come with your membership.

How do you assess the right mentor for me?2020-12-20T08:57:14+00:00

Mentors on our network are by invite-only and we take extreme care when selecting candidates to become mentors. Our review process includes formal interviews and a full background screening using the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. All our mentors are experts in their respective fields and bring years of corporate and industry experience. Our pool of mentors is inherently small as we focus on ensuring quality.

When considering who to match you with, we not only look at parallel skills and experience but also personality. Mentorship is about defining a lifelong relationship with someone who can give you impartial, independence guidance and advice. Read our Guides for more information about how to make the most of your mentorship.

How long does it take you to pair me with a mentor?2020-12-20T08:57:41+00:00

Once we receive your full application, we carefully assess your credentials, prior experiences, motivation and subject major. We use this information to craft your mentee profile and find suitable mentors. When considering who to match you with, we not only look at parallel skills and experience but also personality. To this end, we may invite you to interview with us, which will consist of a 20-minute telephone interview with a member of our team. Once we’ve fully assessed your profile, we’ll reach out to the most suitable mentors from our network and begin the pairing process. You’ll be notified by email when we’ve successfully paired you with a mentor. Please allow up to 4 weeks from the time you apply, however in most cases it is usually shorter.

If for some reason we feel you’re not quite suitable to use our platform at the moment, we’ll also let you know by email.

How long do mentorships last for?2020-12-20T09:07:08+00:00

Our mentorship program has no expiry date – once you’re enrolled and we can see you booking monthly sessions with your mentor, you can continue connecting with your mentor for as long as you would like. If for some reason you mentor has to withdraw from our platform, we will endeavour to connect you with a new mentor, but will provide plenty of notice if on the rare occasion this does happen.

Please note that if you are not regularly connecting with your mentor every month, we reserve the right to revoke your access to our platform.

Can I get more than one mentor?2020-12-20T08:58:17+00:00

Due to extremely high demand and limited availability of mentors, currently, students can only be allocated one mentor from our network. When considering who to match you with, we not only look at parallel skills and experience but also personality. Mentorship is about defining a lifelong relationship with someone who can give you impartial, independence guidance and advice, thus fostering multiple mentor relationships can often be counterproductive. If you have any comments, questions or concerns about this, please feel free to contact us.

What happens when I leave university?2020-12-20T08:58:36+00:00

As long as you registered before graduating or within 6 months of graduating, you can continue to enjoy lifetime access to our platform. We strongly believe mentorships are about forging lifelong relationships, so we would never want to inhibit that.

I want to become a mentor, is this possible?2020-12-20T09:09:08+00:00

We exclusively work with companies to enrol and onboard mentors directly onto our network. This works for us as an official channel through the company, we can be assured that the individuals we connect students with have the relevant clearance and pre-screening. Mentors on our network are thus by invite-only, however, we will always consider any suggestions or recommendations of companies who could be suitable. If you would like us to consider yourself or anyone else, please contact us.

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